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Located on the beautiful high plains of northeastern Colorado, and nestled right near the Platte River is the home of Chapleton Whippets. Boasting four distinct seasons, the Colorado climate affords our dogs the opportunity to play in both sun and snow.

Our whippets are first and foremost wonderful pets, which enjoy their time in the show ring and on the lure coursing field. I am currently a member of Greeley Kennel Club, Rocky Mountain Hound Association of Colorado, Colorado Lure Coursing Association, American Whippet Club, and various professional organizations. These clubs provide opportunities for our dogs to locally compete in AKC conformation shows (including hound specialty), as well as ASFA and AKC lure coursing trials in addition to their national travels.

All of my life I have been inspired by the purebred dog. I began my involvement in the world of dog shows around the age of 13, when I began attending shows and researching breeds. I devoured books written by breeder and dog show greats and would seek the mentorship of successful breeders/exhibitors in my area. I found early mentors, first in Siberian Huskies and later branching out into Giant Schnauzers. It was through these teachers, in their respective breeds, that I learned the basics and began to gain an understanding of what a well-bred dog was, and of the devotion required to become a true “steward” of your breed.


These lessons formed the groundwork for the true “purist’s” approach to breeding dogs- in which maintaining the integrity of your breed was the supreme reason for being a breeder at all. These ideals have shaped my goals and intentions throughout my years in dogs.

After college, I went back to dogs with the intention of finding the perfect breed for us. I knew that we wanted a sighthound, as their athletic beauty and elegance beguile their true nature as couch potatoes ;-). As my research continued, I became absolutely enchanted by the whippet, for not only has the breed has been kept well intact and relatively true to their original design in both form and function, but the whippet is a relatively healthy breed that is being closely monitored by dedicated breeders to seek out and eliminate impending health issues.


I also found that- If you are loved by a whippet, and peer into those big dark eyes, you just know- that you have arrived, and that you can never go back.

In recent years under the mentorship of Kathy Rasmussen (Harmony Whippets), and Karen Gibson (Andauer Whippets) I was given the opportunity to acquire my foundation bitch, Ch. Harmony Field of Poppies JC “K”, who with the help of her handler, Diana Wilson was able to compete in the show ring as a top 20 whippet and a competitive lure coursing talent in 2007.